1. Be yourself: Don’t pretend or try hard to impress. Stick to basics and be as real as you are. If you don’t find his jokes funny, don’t laugh.

2. Stop assuming: If you’ve been dating this man for a couple of months, you know him fairly well. But don’t start assuming. Ask when in doubt. If he hasn’t replied to your messages, don’t be a teenager and assume he’s avoiding you. Ask him the reason.

3. Be proactive: Don’t follow the stupid gender biased dating rules. Don’t play the “text after 3 hours” games. If you want to meet him, fix a date. You can ask him out casually.

4. Dress up: After being single for a few years, women often get habituated to comfort clothing and footwear. Once you are back in the dating scene, dress up. After all, visual appeal is important at every age. Plus the compliments make you blush.

5. Don’t overshare: A person needs to earn your trust so you can share personal details. The casual flings don’t need to know much. Moreover, men like mysterious women. It keeps them interested.

6. Don’t just settle in: Even if you have been single for quite some time, don’t just settle for any random man. If the first date doesn’t go well, just move on.



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