A chipata woman only identified as Agness Phiri was in the early hours of Tuesday found having sex inside a car with a married man.

A named woman who was put to shame in the early hours was found sexing the married man who cheated his wife that he was going to work from lusaka hence he had to start off early.

The said woman also cheated her husband that she was working from Ndola and she was requested to start off early at 05:00 hours.

Agness Phiri

According to people who alerted the husband to the named wife say they saw the woman getting in a car of a man and it did not move for over 30 minutes.

“We saw her getting in the car and since we work just near by, the car stood for over 30 minutes until we decided to call her husband to come and check on his wife if she was safe” they said.

Agness Phiri

And the husband to the wife came to the car was left speechless when he saw it with his own naked eyes that his wife was busy having sex with another married man instead of traveling for work as earlier communicated.

People took photos and leaked them online shouting at the woman calling her sorts of names.

At this point the man runaway leaving the car and it was later driven by Agness Phiri to unknown place.

Agnes Phiri is a married woman with two children with her husband.

From the day of shame Agness Phiri the mother of two whereabouts are unknown to date.

On monday Alangizi Association of Zambia Director Amayi Phiri said husbands are being stubbed to death by wives because they cheat. In this case we don’t know if both must be stubbed to death by their spouses.



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