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Facebook Slay Queen Who Was Beaten Up By A Guy’s Girlfriend Cries Out, Tells Her Own Side Of The Story (Video)


Not quite long ago, we brought you reports about Lady in Ghana who was beaten and assaulted after she was set up by a guy she likes.

The Lady has been Identified as Akosua Sika, and she’s spoken up about the issue, and what went down. Sika claims she met the guy on Facebook, where they both exchanged contacts.. Read Her Narration Below;

“A guy inboxed me on fb, we exchanged contacts and things wer goin on well between us, he claimed his gf was crazy bla bla and he liked me, we spoke a lot, and as a lady it’s normal for me to ask a guy who claims he likes me..

…something to see if indeed when I am in need he will atleast offer to help, no I wasn’t hungry but we all know how guys can be, let’s even assume I was hungry, what’s bad if I ask a guy who likes or sud I say a guy I tot we wer gonna date money to get food?…

little did I know that it was a setup, the guy invited me to his house and on my arrival his gf was there with some other people, they disgraced me, took videos and even cracked my phone screen, forced me to unlock my phone and deleted every chat I had with him, deleted and block his number, dey even gave me several slaps and because people who are 10times stronger than me wer der, I could barely defend myself..

His gf kept claiming I tried snatching her bf but I swear on my womb, this nigga told me stupid stuffs about his gf that made me almost accept him into my life, so what is there if I ask him for money?

…Doz that warrant my ego as a human to be abused in such manner, physically, emotionally and even on social media?? Please rethink before judging me..”

Now, Ghanaian Musician, Criss Waddle has reacted about the issue, and he claims that the girl that was slapped, is the girlfriend of his friend.. Criss says his friend recently bought this girl an iPhone 6 plus, and gives her pocket money on a steady.. Below is Criss’ comment;

Below is also a chat with the “Real Boyfriend” of the Girl who was assaulted;

Below are also screenshots of past post she made, which suggests she’s just a runs girl;


Guy Sets Up Beautiful Lady For His Girlfriend & Her Gang To Beat Up So He Can Prove His Love For His Girlfriend

A new video that has caused an outrage on social media shows a lady being physically assaulted by another lady and her gang…

The assaulted lady was set up by a guy who she presumably had feelings for and so, he set up a meeting with her and in course of this, allowed his girlfriend assault the lady so he can prove his loyalty to his girlfriend.

People have been outraged about what the guy and his so-called girlfriend did to the innocent young girl and have called for authorities to deal with them for physically assaulting the girl.

The Lady who was assaulted!
Judging from comments picked on Social media, it’s speculated that the guy promised the girl some money, so he asked her to come visit him at home only for the girl to get to his house to be beaten by his real girlfriend and friends.

In the video, his girlfriend is heard asking;

What are you doing here? Don’t you know he’s my boyfriend?–She then slaps the girl

The young girl who was surprised and in shock replies; “Oh he’s just my friend and I came to visit him”



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