The husband has revealed the identity of his wife whom he recently caught committing adultery. And Some family members are disgusted at Mr Eugene Desouza for exposing his marital Saga online. it has also emerged that it is actually the husband who shared the video in which he assaulted the man who has for some time now being bonking his wife, and shockingly this was her gym instructor. Mr Eugene pictured in the photo below with his beautiful wife.

He noticed strange behaviour from his wife shortly after he introduced her to the gym. He then started trailing his wife’s movements before catching her red handed in bed with the poor gym instructor. If you didn’t watch the video use this link.

Mr Eugene’s niece only identified as Charity Tembo, wondered why Mr Eugene took it on social media to expose his marital saga,” I wonder why uncle is sharing his shameful marital saga, could it be that he’s happy he assaulted someone?” See the screenshot



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