A 22-YEAR-OLD woman has complained before a local court in Lusaka that her husband denied her conjugal rights for one month and two weeks and later took her back to her parents.

The woman, Nyarai Mumba, of 6-miles sued her husband, Bryson Chakatula, 29, for reconciliation after separating for one month and one week.

The two got married in 2015 and they have one child. Dowry was paid.

Mumba told Senior Court Magistrates Miyanda Banda and Pauline Newa at Matero Local Court that she had never enjoyed marriage since they got married because Chakatula beats her and that at one time she fainted.

She explained that Chakatula was in the habit of coming home at 03 hours and that sometimes he spent nights out.

Mumba added that Chakatula denied her conjugal rights for one month and two weeks and later took her to her parents and told them he would collect her after five years or 10 years.

“Chakatula has a phone screen server of his girlfriend. We wanted to sit and resolve the matter but Chakatula said that we divorced and he started bring his girlfriend in the matrimonial home,” said Mumba.

In defence, Chakatula said that they were differing with Mumba because she had no respect for him, she said he was a dog.

He explained that he denied Mumba sex for just a week because her mother had said that he did not marry her after they differed.

Chakatula added that after differing on three occasions Mumba got a knife and later a wire to tie him on the throat in order to kill him adding that he beat her and she fainted.

“I took Mumba to her parents because I can kill her and get arrested because she even pulled my manhood,” said Chakatula.

Chakatula said that he could not collect Mumba now may be after a month.

The court said it was clear Chakatula didn’t love Mumba as he had given conditions if the couple was to reconcile. The court ruled a failed reconciliation.



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