A SENIOR elder in the Bread of Life Church, Chingola Branch, has apologised to church overseer Bishop Joe Imakando, and the nation for sending a nude video to a married woman.

Elder Charles Kalombo said he was an embarrassment to his church, and the nation.

“I am very sorry for sending those nude pics to a married woman it was just a mistake” he said.

Elder Charles Kalombo apologized to God, church and the nation.

” The Bible says knock and the door shall be opened, seek and you be given and today I stand before you seeking for your forgiveness. I know I am a disgrace to Bishop Joe Imakando but please forgive me.” said Elder Charles.

He said that it was not intentional to send them to the woman and it was the work of the devil that made him to do that.

He said that they went to her by mistake. He also asked the husband of the lady who received the blue movies to forgive her wife and not to divorce her.

“she doesn’t know anything and it was not her fault but my mistake as I wanted to send them to my wife but mistakenly went to your wife”, he apologized.

He also asked the husband and anyone to break the chain by stopping to forward the materials to anyone who keeps asking please send me.

Recently nude pictures of an elder for bread of life church went viral on social media after the husband found them in her wife’s smart phone and distributed them.



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