In the midst of speculation and accusations making rounds on social media about my alleged marriage interference, I wish to publicly state the following:
For a long time, I have enjoyed my single life as a successful farmer with the main focus of growing my business and widening my clientele as a feminist who believes in the sanctity of women.
I cherish my private life which I fully share with my daughter who evidently is an inspiration and prime reason for my business advancement.
Besides, I have always directed my efforts towards especially empowering women through creation of employment.
That is why I have resolved to ensure my farming career gets prominent and exemplary especially to young and emergent famers.
This is why I am deeply disappointed and shocked with the rounds on social media insinuating that I broke a marriage between Justine Phiri and Mubaba Mangilishi Phiri.
From the aforementioned, it is clear that I am being accused of having ‘grabbed’ a marriage from an acquaintance that I knew on the basis of her daughter going to the same school with my daughter.
Mubaba has never been a close friend to me as claimed by speculators but a mere acquaintance and continuous claims that she is my ‘best friend’ have shocked me.
I would also like to emphasize that the overblown relationship and marriage in the making between me and Justine Phiri has NEVER been and is NOT there.
Just as though buzzing social media with hate and insulting language was not enough, Mubaba has gone to an extent of threatening violence to me through my innocent seven year old daughter.
Honestly, I find this unnecessary, cruel and extremely unfortunate to say the least.
Some social media bullies have even gone to an extent of threatening gang-rape my daughter! My heart bleeds every minute I think of this.
Why should things reach such extents of even now issuing such threats on my innocent child simply because I am accused of getting between her and Mr Phiri- a claim that has not been proved?
My mother including close relatives do not even know Mr Phiri. However, with my mother’s insistence, my mother, met Mr Phiri who clarified that he was my client.
I am happily single with nothing attached between me and Mr Phiri save the business relationship already explained.
This whole story has proved retrogressive to my passion for farming as I strive contribution to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Therefore, I would like to declare that I am neither a friend nor party to Mubaba’s marital disputes including separation which I came to learn happened in May this year, way back before I met Mr Phiri.
I have only known Mr Phiri from August 24 when he first came to buy tomato seedlings from my greenhouse. I have left this matter in the capable hands of law enforcement.
I stand firm and resolute to become one of the most successful farmers not only in the country but the entire subregion. God being my helper, I thank you.




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