The husband is the one who leaked the video and pictures of his wife after the Facebook fraudster Joel Sikaneta sent them to him.

The woman refused to pay Sikaneta a sum of K50,000 in his bank account as such he sent the pictures and videos clip to her husband.

In trying to embarrass her and punish her, the hubby flaunted on social sites nude pictures and a video clip of her wife displaying her dance moves in bed,as her little baby cried for her attention in the background – all for the “white man” Joel Sikaneta.

This is according to the police who interrogated the culprit.

The police are now preparing to arrest the husband to the lady for distributing on social media material intended to corrupt morals, contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

However, Joel Sikaneta was found with many other pictures and videos of about 7 women who sent to him as he masqueraded to be a white man.

KT has accessed all the images and is currently censoring them for publication. We are also inquiring with necessary authorities if at all they are fit for public consumption.




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