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Usually I don’t like to comment on matters being investigated by the police or before Court, however, I follow issues closely and carry out my own investigations.

For some time, now, I have been following up a case of PF Southern Province Information and Publicity Secretary Trywell Mwenda who has been physically and sexually abusing his children, dependents and a number of women.

Trywell Mwenda, was once an MMD candidate for Chikankata in 2011 but lost to UPND, then he joined PF during Sata’s reign. Of late, he has been working very hard in Southern Province to mobilize for PF.

Mwenda was actually at the centre of the visit of Davis Mwila’s visit in Southern Province in November, the time he should have been arrested. But phone calls were made to senior police officers and the arrest was postponed.

Last month the case kept on going round police officers as they try to shield Trywell Mwenda. Unfortunately, it has been difficult because the case has already been reported to Social Welfare who have done an assessment and recommended that Trywell be arrested.

The report from social welfare which I managed to get hold of reveals that Trywell Mwenda who is 41 years old has several children from different women including his own cousin who used to be his dependent.

Trywell Mwenda has been very abusive, especially to his own children. One of his daughters has been abused for over 10 years. He started abusing this girl when she was only 9 years and the girl is now 19.

Trywell, would get his daughter in the bedroom while having sex with another woman (current wife but not the mother to this girl). He would ask the daughter to fond the woman’s breasts while he was in the act.

When this girl was of age, he also forced himself on her and beat her when she cried of pain.

The girl is now at UNZA but Trywell has gone to another daughter of his who is also 9 years. When the other girl saw that, the father is getting to this other younger girl, she could not hold it any longer, she told her friends who helped her to talk to Laura Miti.

This poor girl told other members of the family before, including her own mother and the sister to Trywell Mwenda, but they could not help. It was like something acceptable or fear of losing out of the financial support.

The cousin to Mwenda was impregnated whilst she was staying with Trywell, but the issue was discussed as a family and the woman is being supported by Trywell in Cheston.

I have investigated and come to know that the Inspector General and Director of investigations, know about this case and they are trying to help this PF cadre who has done so much damage to women.

Trywell was supposed to be arrested on Monday 19th February, 2018 after NPA ordered some junior police officers, but it did not happen.

I have been playing my part in the background to make a number of people know about this case so that force headquarters does not save this man from justice, which is how NPA came to know about it. Actually we were looking at private prosecution had NPA refused to act.

I am therefore asking Police to back off this case, because they can’t hide it, this man has to face the law and I will make sure it happens. This man must be arrested immediately, because all the evidence is there with the police.

The children are ready to testify and they are receiving good support from social welfare. I must thank the social welfare and Laura Miti who have helped so much in this case.

Trywell Mwenda, your time is up, you can’t go on abusing children and women just because you have money out of your connection with the PF.

PF, as a Party, must disown Trywell and let him face the law. As a ruling party, PF needs to stand with the children and women who have been abused by their own father.



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