A man can have sex with a woman and he is not in love with that woman. He can still hate you but have sex with you. Try and be wise kiasi, dont use sex thinking that it will make him fall for you. True love wont *force* you to engage in sex.
A man who doesn’t love you my dear i tell you, your sex won’t change his mind. Whatever type of acrobat you will try during sex even if you try the acrobats of black iron and jobunga shube (best acrobats in eldoret 2008) still it won’t work.
If a man tells you or ask you for love assurance by giving him sex then i think he is not serious with you.
If he is with you because of the good sex you are giving him, don’t you think if he finds a better or best sex he will walk way? Being his sex slave is being foolish.
Love should not bring you some stupid shame and disrespect, if you have done a mistake of using sex to get a man now its time for you to asses your relationship madam so that u build it in the correct way.
If he will marry you because of your good sex the that will be a very big problem. Let him marry you because he loves you,respects you and he feels free to be with you, and he also have mental and spiritual connection with you, together as one.✌



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