I can say that was the best sex I have ever had. We did everything in foreplay and the actual sex was not in this realm. Waves of orgasm swept over her body and my very self-felt highly satisfied. As I stood up from her and was putting on my boxer, something strange happened that has never
happened in all my sexual adventure.

Right there in the room, like in a trance, I saw an image like my self-walked out of my body. I was so scared as the image bowed his head and was walking back to the door. I screamed I shouted, I was shivering seriously. My girlfriend stood up and was
asking me what is wrong with me. She shouted that I should keep quiet, but, No! I kept shouting as I saw like myself walking away from me.

To my surprise, I kept on telling my girlfriend to look at this image and she said, she could not see anything. I became terrified. It was like I was in the oven, at the
same time, it was as if I was in a cold room. I watched the image walked backward to the door & when it got to the door, it turned
to go out of the door, as I watched the back of this image, I saw an inscription written on it ‘ EXCELLENT SPIRIT’.

I screamed and shouted because, though I am not a serious Christian, I know what it means to have an excellent spirit and to lose it. I have been leading the whole department in my school. Lecturers consult me privately to explain some hard topics. I was a genius. It is this brilliance and handsomeness that made me the desire of most ladies on campus.

While I was crying and weeping bitterly, my girlfriend busted into serious laughter. I was asking her why the laughter, and she said,
you are Number 5. I will get the remaining 5 to make 10. I asked her to explain what she meant, she just laughed harder. She carried her bag and walked out of my room and said, ‘enjoy your shadow’.

Till today, I can’t trace this lady. I have tried looking for her, I can’t find her. Right from that day, I knew I became empty. I have the
best result in my department, but no destiny results to show for it, sir. I lost something that day, I knew I lost it. I have been praying
and asking the Lord for restoration. At times, I feel like I am so empty. I wished that sex
never happened or never happened between me and that lady. I lost excellent spirit!

This was a confession of a guy to me some years ago. He wept bitterly in my office. I could not comfort him. He graduated as the
best student in his department but if you see him at that time, you will never believe he went to school.

Dear precious one, there is something deep about sex! I know some will read this and
scorn it. You only know yourself, you don’t know 2 out of 10 about the person you want to have that sex with. Are there no thousands of people who have lost their
own ‘ excellent spirit’ too just because of 10 mins sexual pleasure.

Flee fornication! Flee adultery!. One round of sex is enough to round off your glorious destiny. Enjoy sex with your spouse only!
Singles, wait! You won’t die. Wait. Before you remove your pant for that guy /lady to commit fornication, think! Rule your desire
or ruin your destiny. I am warned! You are warned!

Thanks for reading and God bless you all……



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