Social media in South Africa has been abuzz since a sex video of Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba surfaced on the internet.

Kwacha Times –KT has the video in possession but will not upload it.

The minister revealed in a series of tweets that the video was stolen when his phone got hacked 18 months ago.

Gigaba says he reported the matter to authorities after it was used in a blackmail and extortion attempt by unknown culprits, which he turned down.

Gigaba says that he has hired a private investigator to find those responsible and the investigation is continuing.
Minister Gigaba engaged with Minister Mahlobo at the time he was reporting extortion attempts and seeking the Minister’s intervention in that regard.

Minister Mahlobo made a commitment to assist but he also gave him the recommendation to engage services of private contractors to try and speed up the process.

It is important to know that he had not even sent the material to his wife. He intended to but ended up not sending. All he cared was that it was on his phone.
The report to the extortion attempt to the police was made as early as May-June 2017.

I do not think that any reasonable person would suspect that there is an attempt at playing the victim here or fabricating issues.



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