Woman who bonked her own son at swimming pool brews another shocker


A few weeks ago a mother and son caused a scene at a local swimming pool after a video of them bonking went viral on Social Media.Now the unrepentant woman came back on Social media blasting critics for ‘disturbing’ them.

The woman only known as Ayonela who claims to be ZCC church goer lambasted people who took the video labelling them as haters.

“People are so cruel,me and my son share a special bond,he was named after my late husband and he seems to have inherited his father’s spirit.

“The way he handled me at the pool was not that of a ten-year old,only his father knew how to work on me like that.For your own information we finished what he started at home and I can safely say my husband is back.” she said whilst sharing on her Facebook wall.

Contacted for comment Ayonela hung up her phone after our reporter identified himself.



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