I guess I have not written in a while and let’s see profession now deters me but well can I state that I do like my new job and I have fallen in love with Ndola, it’s a peaceful city very ideal to raise a family.

However, everyone knows I am a social life and I have tried out the social joints in Ndola and one thing amazes me INSUNKO.

Yes snuff, sniffing tobacco, insunko and now crowned BLACK COCAIN.

Whatever corner I turned to people were snorting this stuff and nope, not my grandma but that beautiful slay queen and diva were snorting this stuff and others roll it up and place it between gums and bottom lip. Curiosity got the best of me and did I try it? YES I DID!

I am not going to give a medical account of my experience but I will share a descriptive account of my experience with insunko.


By Tilyenji Mwanza

I was on my third hunters dry, I could feel the music in my feet, Chimwemwe dance rhythm engulfing my body as I sat in a circle of beautiful ladies, laughter characterized the environment as men offered to buy more drinks for our table.

And there she was I call her queen, as she is as elegant as a queen, when she strolls she moves with a grace of a peacock, pop from her bag was this ugly looking plastic and I knew what it was. She shared the contents among her three friends. She mashed the finely ground moist tobacco between her fingers and palm into a little ball and swiftly placed it between her gum and bottom lip and sniffed the residue up her nose. And in unison they all sniffed and some sneezed. She closed her eyes as if to take it all in, shook her head and picked her wine glass to take swig of her drink.

I had asked before as to why they took it and one response to date stands out for me; it makes my body warm, when my husband or any other man touches me they say am warm, it boosts my sex drive, I change from a lady to a freak and additionally it relaxes my muscles.

That night I made up my mind I was going to try it, she handed me the tobacco and showed me how to roll it till it stuck together into a little bolus and I place it between my lip and gum.

A sudden sensation enveloped my body, it was a tingling sensation as opposed to warmth I hated it, it felt like bristles trying to grow out my body, and I wanted to spit it. I stood up to head to the toilet and then it hit me, boom! My head felt light, it was spinning, my vison blurred.

I knew I had to get it out of my mouth but being a lady I cannot spit in public, so with so many struggles I managed to cross the lawn and made it to the bathroom and spat it out.

I did not feel warm neither did I feel a higher sex drive but I felt I had no control over my body, my head was still light headed, it was spinning and my forehead felt heavy, the prikky, tingly sensation continued on my skin, I felt drunk, nauseated and I just wanted to go home but I knew I could not drive because even my sight was doubled and blurry.

The queen helped me sit back on my chair and she laughed heartily and told me the mistake I made was to stand up, she told me to relax as the sensation would wear off.

I sat down to sip of water and after a couple of minutes it slightly wore off and the minute I could see I headed straight to my car to drive home.

MY REFLECTION AND FORECAST: After my experience I foresee a nation that will have its women addicted to tobacco, I do not know the medical defaults but google did show me some and they are not good. I also see a woman power that is rather not admirable because snuff gives you a certain energy that drives you to become violent. A lady was not created to act masculine it’s just not natural. Further the little biology I learnt tells me what I experienced was not normal and an abnormality like that has a very high potential to cause some sort of cancer.

I do not want to talk about how it makes sex more pleasurable or keeps the body warm for a desirable sensation for men because I stand to be biased. I think a relationship is more than sex even though I do not have a relationship as such but well I tend to believe even if you can summersault in bed he can still go but hell do not be deceived a greater part of a relationship, yes is sex!

However, to hear that ladies are actually placing this stuff on their private parts just so they can be more pleasurable to men for me is worrisome both socially and medically. Socially in a sense that women have become so desperate to want to pleasure men that they will subject their bodies to medical harm just to keep a man.

I pen down and hope some medical experts or social activists can check this because we are sliding into a generation that will have women addicted to tobacco and something tells me this not right.



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